SIN 206-3

Cage Code: 58F54


Testimonial #1: “The Paper Moon” Commercial Building

 “We are just completing our first year of solar assisted heat in our 1864, three-story commercial property. We have 7 roof-top panels for storage, and 3 thermal collector panels on the front of the building. The solar has greatly reduced our fuel oil bills, and has increased the comfort level in the building. Our solar collectors came from Sunsiaray. Initially, we were going to drop these collectors from the project but have now found those to be the most effective part of the project because we get heat so rapidly. We just love to hear the "solar thunder" and know heat is on the way."

    • Louise White, The Paper Moon           Mc Gregor, IOWA

Testimonial #2: “University of Manitoba” Commercial Building

“Just a quick note to let you know how our collectors are doing. Unfortunately I do not have the IMC controls set up yet – but these days the outside temps are between -45 and -35 C , and the collectors still bring in air around 25 C, a 5-7 deg rise. Remarkable, eh? And certainly does conflict with the SRCC data. We are working on data monitoring in two locations with your collectors, and should be able to show more soon.”

    • Daniel Lepp Friesen, DLF Consulting,    Winnipeg, CANADA