SIN 206-3

Cage Code: 58F54


Sunsiaray was founded in 1982 for the purpose of
providing a quality alternative source of hot air and hot
water for home use. We opened for business in January of 1983.

In 1984 we expanded into commercial and agricultural designs. In 1986 we received our Solar Rating Certification Corporation [SRCC]
Sunsiaray has been a certified participant to this day. Working with the  board of directors of SRCC and their committees to insure you have a safe and satisfying solar experience.

Every design, every product, every installation is produced with the environment and consumer value foremost in our minds.

Sunsiaray’s founders have been involved in industrial heating and ventilation since 1964. They bring this knowledge to the design, performance and for the constant improvement of Northern Comfort tm. Collector Systems

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Kenneth Pethers, President